research advisors group

We understand the rich and complex environment in which good research takes place. We specialize in high quality consultation and advice. We stay current on funding developments and the policies that drive those developments. We also work well with people to assist them to focus their goals and aspirations for mutual benefit. This means we can quickly get to the heart of the issues faced by our clients, and can draw on our insights and network to find solutions. We have the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, and we work for our clients with those values in mind.


Our services include but are not limited to improving your research competitiveness through:


Research is highly collaborative and involves many groups working on many aspects of a problem in order to make progress. Having a broader view of a research ecosystem confers a competitive advantage. Our aim is to provide our clients with that broader view and to fill in gaps in knowledge so that they can make the best choices about directions and use of resources.

Our areas of expertise include

    • Research Competitiveness
    • Research Computing
    • Cybersecurity Planning and Competency
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Data Storage, Data Analysis, Data Analytics
    • Gender & Ethnic Diversity
    • Global Education
    • Online Learning including Web-based Curricula

Members of our team have expertise in the hard, soft, and social sciences, the humanities, computer science, information technology, and engineering and their interdependence.


We have extensive relationships with key stakeholders in the academic research, funding and scholarly communities. Our work extends across organizational and national boundaries and into the private sector. This allows us to draw on a deep wealth of talent to assist our clients.


We make sure project outcomes are defined clearly from the outset, and we do everything in our power to deliver polished results, on time and on budget. We deliver high-quality products in written, visual and video formats. If we aren’t the right people for a project, we’ll tell you this honestly – and if we’re fully committed we’ll decline opportunities rather than sell existing clients short.


Working closely with our clients, we ensure we fully understand the existing context of any project and then build on this. We have run a large number of sophisticated on-line surveys as well as workshops and onsite training. We also consult and train using videoconferencing technology.