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Improving your research competitiveness

Project & Award Management

Ever wonder how you can capitalize on an existing project to increase the likelihood of future funding? Here are some suggestions and ways that we can be of assistance:

Project Management

When a project starts, there are a set of new tasks that the PI and staff will take on.

Research Advisors can assist you with initiating your project, communicating with project participants and effectively capturing, reporting and monitoring project progress.

Progress Reports

Many Investigators find writing a Progress Report (e.g., annual, final) to the funding agency to be a tedious burden. We look at it differently: A well-written report is an opportunity to demonstrate to funding agency program personnel your expertise, your dedication, and your analytical abilities. Demonstrating these qualities creates a lasting impression (halo effect) that will benefit your future submissions.

Research Advisors can assist you to craft reports that have maximum positive impact!

Publications & Presentations

You can take the results of your project and submit an article based on those results to your community of practice. Very often reviewers of your proposals are members of your community and reading your publication can leave a lasting positive impression. Knowing that you have disseminated results of your previous projects to a broader community will also benefit future submissions.

Research Advisors can assist you to develop publications and presentations that communicate your results to the broader community!

(And don't forget to send a copy to your funding agency program director!)

Project/Program Evaluation

An external, thorough and independent review of your project and project outcomes that will help to establish how well you have reached your planned project goals and the likely barriers to achieving planned outcomes. Keep in mind that there is much to be learned from all possible outcomes and that understanding the obstacles is a key to getting beyond them in the future.

Research Advisors can provide an INDEPENDENT evaluation of your project that demonstrates your commitment and integrity.