Research Advisors Group

Improving your research competitiveness

Proposal Development

Developing a proposal can be a complex and time-consuming process. We streamline the process for you, helping you to create the most compelling proposal possible.

We are ready to work with you at any stage of development.

Strategic Planning

We listen to your ideas, help you to brainstorm with your partners, and develop a plan of action to be sure that your proposal is complete, compelling, and timely.

Research Advisors will assist you to prioritize your best ideas to achieve consensus and unity of effort.


We analyze the solicitation, provide you and your team with necessary guidance, structure and write the proposal with your input, help you to obtain needed letters of support/collaboration/commitment, create and circulate section drafts and complete proposal drafts, and assure that the proposal meets all stated requirements.

Research Advisors helps to assure that your final proposal is complete, well-articulated and convincing.


We thoroughly review your proposal for completeness and adequacy as well as to make detailed recommendations for improvement.

Research Advisors can help you to submit a final proposal that is likely to anticipate reviewer questions or concerns.


You will be able to confidently submit an exciting proposal that you and your colleagues are proud of.

If you don't have an Office of Sponsored Projects/Research, Research Advisors can guide you through the process of setting one up.

Levels of Service

We offer three levels of proposal development service from a light touch to thorough preparation of your proposal.

  1. Light Touch: We provide a detailed analysis of the award opportunity, a checklist of required elements for the proposal, a week to week timeline to complete the proposal, templates for completing all elements of a complete proposal (e.g., a detailed outline of the project description with all required elements from the solicitation), including budget justification, letters of support and collaboration. You take over from there and write the proposal.

  2. Intermediate: We do everything in the Light Touch plan, plus meet with your team weekly to discuss strategy for the coming week, review progress, answer questions, review prepared documents with suggestions for improvement, and provide detailed review of the proposal prior to submission.

  3. Full Service: Combines 1 & 2 plus we write the proposal. Note that we still meet with you weekly and as needed to assure that we have a thorough understanding of your project and to clarify all parts of the project. There are a lot of little things that we do here that may not be clear. For example, if you are going to be working with smaller schools who may not understand "What's in it for me?" we can help you to make a clear case to them. We are as involved as you need us to be.